Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Battered Balls

Jake had been horny all week. His date was tonight and he was going crazy trying to keep his hands off of himself in anticipation. Dawn was hot and young, a freshman in college, and he couldn’t wait to hurry through dinner, and the movie and get to the good stuff. Dinner went by relatively fast, Jake managed to pass time quickly while he imagined the ways he would screw his date later on as she talked continuously. He didn’t even hear her talk about all of the young feminist friends she was making on campus. During the movie they’re hands met. Jake was overly excited and slowly began inching Dawn’s hand closer and closer to his throbbing bulge. Dawn was actually watching the movie so she was unaware how close her hand was getting to Jake’s horny meat. He moved slowly brushing her hand against his cock. Then he did it again. He was so turned on, his cock got even harder as he flat out rubbed her hand on his boner. Dawn glanced down and immediately retracted her hand. “What are you doing?” she whispered gruffly. “Sorry,” said Jake and he focused his attention back onto the movie, angered as he figured the night was pretty must a lost cause. After the movie they went back to Jake’s, he was pretty surprised she was down but he wasn’t going to argue. When they got inside Jake started putting on the moves. They started by making out but in no time, Jake had stood and slowly began to undo his belt. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asked. “Ughh, come on,” Jake sweet-talked, “All I want is a jiffy lube?” he said as he smiled and dropped his trousers to the floor. His cock was already hard, horny and tenting in his boxers ready to burst through the button fly at any moment. Dawn got on her knees in subtle submission as she tugged off his boxers and his stiffened cock flopped out accompanied by his two large and dangling testicles. Dawn grabbed his cock with her small hands and began to pump it gently. Jake moaned as once again he felt her hands caress his throbbing erection. It felt good but Jake was too horny for just a hand at this point. Impatiently he bucked closer to Dawn and used his hard dick to slap her against the check twice. “Enough of that,” he whined. “Just suck it bitch!” Jake was too horny to be polite, he needed a warm mouth fast. Disgusted, Dawn reached up and held his large heavy balls in her tiny fists. Instead of a warm wet blowjob, Jake’s eyes widened as he felt his big babymakers being squished by the angry coed. “What did you call me?” she snapped as she used her fists to squish and mash his gonads. In anguish, Jake’s mind raced as he realized his costly error and began to groan like a beast as the petite girl used his testicles as a stress reliever. “Dawn, please!” he moaned. She yanked on his low hanging sack causing his voice to crack as he cried out. His erection had all but disappeared as his now soft and flaccid cock bobbed about as she tugged and squeezed on his battered balls. After a good five minutes of ball abuse, Dawn released Jake’s sore balls as he collapsed in a ball cupping his jewels. Dawn got up and looked down at him. Look at the pathetic man, naked and clutching his big stupid balls. She smiled as she said, “The girls in my feminist group will love to hear about this one.” Jake just groaned as Dawn left his apartment without even bothering to close the door.